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University tests concussions with Wii Fit (Washington Post)

19 Aug

An athlete measures his balance with Wii Fit.

The Washington Post’s Steve Yanda reported on the way some colleges are using Nintendo’s Wii Fit game and balance board to determine the status of athletes recovering from concussions by using the game’s balance exercises as a reference point for progress.

“The athletes love it because what we’ve done is we’ve incorporated this fun game that they’re playing at home into their rehab system,” said Tamerah Hunt, director of research at the Ohio State Sports Concussion Program. “But they’re also enjoying it at a time when they’re injured or at a time when their spirits are down, and they have to come into the athletic training room every day and they have to get all this treatment . . . and it’s kind of a reaction of, ‘Oh, this is fun.’ “

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Top 5 Wii Games of 2008

3 Jan

5)Wii Fit

Because everyone hates it when they know how and why their exercise routines actually benefit them, Wii Fit bypasses going in-depth to elaborate upon things as trivial as your health. Instead, it focuses on improving your balance, something you’ll need after purchasing the game leaves your fat wallet empty.

4) Wii Music

Because everyone loves improvising on “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” with incredibly generalized motions for pseudo-instruments like black belts and cheerleaders, Wii Music allows you to play along with your favorite public domain songs without any prior musical knowledge. That’s because Wii Music doesn’t bother actually teaching you anything about music, and instead focuses on wacky waving motions that are fun for minutes on end.

3) Animal Crossing: City Folk

Because everyone loved Animal Crossing: Wild World so much, Animal Crossing: City Folk lets you relive the same exact experience all over again. If you thought real-life chores were fun, you haven’t seen anything yet! Once you’ve accumulated a large fortune from hours of beach combing for sea shells, you can decorate your house will all sorts of fancy furniture that you can sit on or look at.

2) Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Because Fox has always been a fan favorite in the Super Smash Bros. series, Super Smash Bros. Brawl features both Falco and Wolf, both modeled after Fox, all characters who almost exclusively act within their space vehicles. Also new to the series is an incredible online that allows you to play against other players across the world. A neat feature unique to Brawl‘s online multiplayer is an incredibly significant slow down in gameplay that lets you know just how far away your opponents are.

1) EarthBound (VC)

Because Nintendo absolutely loves giving their longtime fans exactly what they want, EarthBound was released for the Virtual Console after topping Nintendo Power’s most wanted list so many months in a row that they had to change up their format so other games could get a chance. Several updates were added for the VC release including translated versions of both MOTHER and MOTHER 3 along with a million dollars being transferred into the bank accounts of anyone who downloads the game. The game has only been available on the VC for a few days now but it’s already the most downloaded title for the service, melting servers and faces and ice cubes and, and, and…

Wait! This isn’t right…

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[Oh!Ate] Overview

3 Dec

bold-yeareviewAs 2008 draws to a close, I’m preparing several posts discussing what 2008 meant in the gaming world. Expect a heated rant about Nintendo’s failure to deliver to their longtime fans as well as some criticism of mainstream game journalism’s blind love affair with high profile franchises.

Until then, here’s an overview of the games I’ve played and discussed this year.

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The Bigger Man

1 Nov

Nintendo’s latest installments in their two biggest franchises, Mario and Zelda, were rather lackluster in my opinion. It appears that the creator of both, Shigeru Miyamoto, agrees that “there was something missing.”

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Class Acts, Self Sells

31 Oct

As one of the mathematically challenged, I was urged by my university adviser to fulfill my final three math hours with a new class being taught on campus this semester. Math 117, contemporary math and quantitative analysis, is less about numbers and more about logic. My teacher is a rather eccentric math nut who actually manages to make math interesting to the unenthused, such as myself. He does so by relaying tales of his work as a professional mathematician.

Anyone sitting in our class for the first time would probably think they were in the middle of a biology or marketing class as we’re always talking about blood cells or the different business models of gas stations. Today, the professor went on the longest tangent yet, this time reaching the familiar topic of the console wars.

I didn’t expect much from my classmates, but rather than throwing out opinions, some of the students felt they would add to the commentary with “facts”, the most glaring of which that the PS3 was dominating the market while the Wii was left behind long ago.

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Placebo Headwound

18 Jul

Microsoft’s E3 presentation ended with a well-timed surprise that received some mixed reactions: Final Fantasy XIII will be simultaneously released on both the Playstation 3 and XBox 360 in the West.

Most would think that this is great news for 360 owners and nothing else, but most would be wrong. This announcement has spawned forum comments featuring the words “lies”, “betrayal”, and “deception” among others.

I’ve looked into the issue, asking why anyone would complain about what appears to be nothing but a good move for Square-Enix and fans alike. After wading through a bit of ignorance and poor grammar, I’ve arrived at what appear to be the most logical causes for alarm, but even they are fairly lacking in foundation. Below are some forum quotes that represent the most common responses to my question (most grammar and spelling is their own).

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Having a Fit (pt.2)

26 May

I’ve spent the last few days with Wii Fit. My aching body is proof of that. It’s also proof that Wii Fit works.

After reading what people had to say on blogs and message boards about Nintendo’s latest offering, it’s obvious that the biggest concern people have is that it’s not worth the steep price tag ($90) for something that you can do for free.

Yes, you can exercise for free, but do you?

That’s the difference with Wii Fit, at least for me. I am concerned with my fitness, but anytime I bring myself to start exercising, I can never bring myself to keep it up. This may be a bit preemptive, but to me, Wii Fit offers the motivation to keep me going. That motivation comes from the fun and informative interface.

The trainer shows me how I should be exercising. The Fit Bank keeps track of how long I’ve been at it and rewards me for exercising each day.

Yes, there are problems with Wii Fit.

First, they should give a more thorough explanation of the body mass index (BMI) that it uses. While it’s not a major concern to me since I understand it, Nintendo is getting caught up in a bit of controversy by not explaining the measurements they use. And while they mention that it’s beneficial to warm up before you begin your workout, they fail to elaborate as to how one should warm up. There are other concerns that I initially had, but I’m beginning to understand.

For example, the Fit Age comes off as being ridiculous in the beginning and Nintendo’s lack of explanation hurts itself here again, but I’m beginning to understand. I believe it has to do with the game’s focus on posture that it constantly reiterated when you undergo a body test.

Also, now that I’ve unlocked some of the later exercises, I’m beginning to see an interesting pattern: Wii Fit wants to introduce you to fitness and then slowly ween you off of the balance board and get out on your own. More on that and my take on the Fit Age in my full review.

The biggest complaint I have is one that everyone else seems to have picked up on. I’m not sure why Nintendo failed to implement some sort of custom, or even pre-made, workout routines. It’s a bit of a hassle to go in and out of each exercise. I came up with the idea to use the Favorites section to serve as my routine, but it’ll take me some time to have my favorites recorded the way I want. More on that in my review as well.

I took a break today as it’s Sunday and I’m sore all over. I’m thinking I’ll take a realistic approach and adopt a Monday/Wednesday/Friday routine with some cardio and stretching stuff in between.

It might take a couple weeks for my full review since the game works on a two week goal system, but I also want to wait and see if I make some noticeable changes in my body. Until then, I’ll be focusing on the Ace Attorney series in my posts.

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