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University tests concussions with Wii Fit (Washington Post)

19 Aug

An athlete measures his balance with Wii Fit.

The Washington Post’s Steve Yanda reported on the way some colleges are using Nintendo’s Wii Fit game and balance board to determine the status of athletes recovering from concussions by using the game’s balance exercises as a reference point for progress.

“The athletes love it because what we’ve done is we’ve incorporated this fun game that they’re playing at home into their rehab system,” said Tamerah Hunt, director of research at the Ohio State Sports Concussion Program. “But they’re also enjoying it at a time when they’re injured or at a time when their spirits are down, and they have to come into the athletic training room every day and they have to get all this treatment . . . and it’s kind of a reaction of, ‘Oh, this is fun.’ “

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Suda51, No More Heroes 2 & E3

20 May

Suda51, creator of No More Heroes, says the game’s sequel is at the end of development and hopes it can be shown at E3.

bold no more heroes 2

In an interview with 1UP, Goichi Suda talked about several of his current projects including Flower, Sun & Rain, his collaboration with Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame, and No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.

1UP: You’re working on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle for release early next year. Can you give us an update on the game and the development process?

Suda: It’s the very end. If I had to say one word, I’d say it’s at the very end of production.

1UP: When will we see more of the game? Will it be playable at E3?

Suda: No, not playable.

1UP: Will it be shown off at E3? Will there be a presentation?

Suda: I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully.

If Nintendo learned anything from their lackluster showing at E3 last year, it should be that it doesn’t matter who their intended audience is; serious video game fans will be scouring every major gaming blog there is for E3 news and the blogs will be happy to oblige.

Delivering the first actual footage of the sequel to No More Heroes, one of the most well-respected core titles the Wii has to offer, at E3 would score Nintendo some serious points with their core audience. Hopefully, Nintendo delivers details on Desperate Struggle and Pikmin 3, as well as other games that longtime gamers want to see.

Red, White & Black

11 Mar


Mad World looks good. Not “good…for a Wii game,” but good.

Sure, it may be hiding from the Wii’s glaring graphical inefficiencies in a Sin City/Kill Bill-esque visual quirk, but it’s a clever quirk that I’m sure will allow players to focus more upon the gameplay everyone claims is so much more important.

I’ll be spending my morning with Jack tomorrow, guiding his bloodthirsty chainsaw through pounds and pounds of flesh, producing gallons and gallons of blood, on the Wii no less.

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Fruit Cake

6 Dec

My review of Animal Crossing: City Folk is now up on GamePositive+. You’ll notice right off the bat, even if you didn’t read my first impressions, that I didn’t care much for the game at all.


I’m not quite sure how Nintendo thought that people like me, people who bought and enjoyed the first two Animal Crossing games, would be satisfied with City Folk. Furthermore, I’m not quite sure how people who liked the first two Animal Crossing games are doing far more than tolerating City Folk. But alas, even my go-to forum of Starmen.Net is busy at work, perfecting its non-interactive towns inhabited by schitzoid furries.

As I mentioned in my review, City Folk is an insult. It’s Wild World on a console with twenty bucks added to the price tag. With the last few months delivering an onslaught of high-profile games, Nintendo’s contribution to the frenzy is yet another wave in their blue ocean.

Gamers, please tell me how it is that you’re satisfied with this game.

All For Naught

24 Nov

Now this a record…

With the previous Animal Crossings, I called it quits after a month or so. With City Folk, I’m throwing in the towel after just one week. Actually, it’s more like five weeks since I played this game back when it was called Wild World.

Animal Crossing: City Folk offers no innovation at all; not one bit.

I won’t hold it against anyone if they continue to play this game for years to come, but I will offer this: You have no room to complain about Nintendo’s pandering to the casual and ignoring the core if you’re satisfied with City Folk.

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At least the miniature furniture economy is still booming…

12 Nov

The Animal Crossing series’ claim to fame is its 24-hour, 365-days a year gameplay. I’ve played both the GameCube original (as far as everyone outside of Japan is concerned) and Wild World on the DS no longer than, what I would assume is, three months all together.


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Class Acts, Self Sells

31 Oct

As one of the mathematically challenged, I was urged by my university adviser to fulfill my final three math hours with a new class being taught on campus this semester. Math 117, contemporary math and quantitative analysis, is less about numbers and more about logic. My teacher is a rather eccentric math nut who actually manages to make math interesting to the unenthused, such as myself. He does so by relaying tales of his work as a professional mathematician.

Anyone sitting in our class for the first time would probably think they were in the middle of a biology or marketing class as we’re always talking about blood cells or the different business models of gas stations. Today, the professor went on the longest tangent yet, this time reaching the familiar topic of the console wars.

I didn’t expect much from my classmates, but rather than throwing out opinions, some of the students felt they would add to the commentary with “facts”, the most glaring of which that the PS3 was dominating the market while the Wii was left behind long ago.

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