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Developer to assist charity for Facebook likes, profile pictures

4 Sep

A video game developer is promoting an upcoming product by making a donation to charity based on the number of people who officially “like” the game on Facebook.

Hudson will donate 10 cents to Child’s Play Charity for every person who “likes” Lost In Shadow on Facebook and will up the donation to one dollar for anyone who changes his or her Facebook profile picture to one depicting a shadow.

Morgan Haro, marketing specialist at Hudson, said the event, called “Shadows To Light,” reflects the theme of the game, which revolves around the shadow of a boy climbing a mystical tower.

“The journey is all about overcoming hardships and the barriers that prevent you from reaching your goal,” Harrow said. “Child’s Play is a charity that sees hundreds of thousands of young children in a similar journey, only grounded in reality.”

Haro said her personal goal is to get 10,000 “likes” by the event’s September 7 deadline.

“At the very least, this would enable us to donate $1,000 to Child’s Play,” Haro said. “However that’s not factoring in how many of those 10,000 would have changed their profile picture to a shadow. Hopefully, we’ll see a good amount of those.”

Hudson will count the “likes” and profile pictures on September 7 to determine the amount of its donation. Lost In Shadow comes out in North America January 4, 2011.


Fox addresses controversial video game featuring Taliban

16 Aug

Fox & Friends’ Clayton Morris interviews Gold Star Mother Karen Meredith about her reaction to Electronic Arts’ upcoming Medal of Honor, which takes place in modern day Afghanistan and allows players to assume the role of Taliban soldiers.

Game violence documentary made available for free on Hulu

11 Aug

Viewers can now watch Moral Kombat, a 2007 documentary concerning the history and impact of video game violence, for free on Hulu.

The documentary features a variety of panelists (including game designers, scientists, college professors, politicians, children experts, military personnel, etc.) speaking for and against video games.

Game symphony performance to air on PBS throughout August

31 Jul

In VIDEO GAMES LIVE, a new PBS special, the world’s most beloved video game franchises come together to celebrate gaming culture and the incredible music surrounding it. An immersive event featuring the best game music performed by top-notch musicians and choirs combined with synchronized lighting, video, live action and audience interactivity, this performance was taped at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. VIDEO GAMES LIVE is part of special programming airing in July-August 2010 (check local listings) on PBS stations.


Fans to decide character’s fate with donations to kids charity

30 Jul

Purchasing these shirts will kill or save Carmine and assist a charity.

Xbox 360-owners will be able to vote on whether or not the third of the Gears of War series’ Carmine brothers will live or die in Gears of War3 by purchasing shirts for their Xbox avatars with all the proceeds going to the Child’s Play charity.

Beginning today, Xbox 360-owners can purchase shirts for their avatars on Xbox Live with the words “Save Carmine” or “Carmine Must Die” to cast their votes for Clayton, the third brother’s fate. The shirts sell for 80 Microsoft Points which equate to $1 a piece.

Purchasing a “Save Carmine” shirt casts a vote to save Clayton while purchasing a “Carmine Must Die” shirt casts a vote to condemn him.

The developer also began selling real life versions of the T-shirts for $20 at this year’s Comic-Con. Both shirts can still be purchased online.

Epic Games will be donating all proceeds collected from the shirts, both digital and real, to Child’s Play, a charity that purchases toys and video games for children in hospitals throughout the world. Founded in 2003 by the authors of video game web-comic Penny Arcade, the charity has so far donated over $6 million to hospitals.

Tabloid apologizes for hyping fake game based on real killer

25 Jul

An excerpt from The Daily Star's article as it appeared before it was pulled.

British tabloid The Daily Star published and has since pulled and apologized for an article regarding a fake Grand Theft Auto video game based on real shootings and will pay damages to the series’ publisher which will be donating the money to charity.

Writer Jerry Lawton’s article was based on a mock-up of box art he found depicting a GTA game based in Rothbury following the events of the manhunt to apprehend Raoul Moat, a man who shot three people including a police officer, killing one, and eventually committing suicide. Lawton presented the game as being real despite only having a mock-up of box art to back up his story.

Members of the video game community immediately brought Lawton’s lack of research into question causing the tabloid to pull the story. The Daily Star has since apologized to GTA publisher Rockstar Games for criticizing the company for a fake game and admitted the article lacked research.

“We made no attempt to check the accuracy of the story before publication and did not contact Rockstar Games prior to publishing the story. We also did not question why a best selling and critically acclaimed fictional games series would choose to base one of their most popular games on this horrifying real crime event.”

The Daily Star representatives said the tabloid will be paying “a substantial amount in damages” to Rockstar Games which the company will be donating to charity.

Before the tabloid issued its apology, Lawton criticized the video game community via Facebook for drawing attention to his story.

“Baffled by the fury of adult gamers,” Lawton wrote. “These are grown (?!?) men who sit around all day playing computer games with one another who’ve today chosen to enter the real world just long enough to complain about my story slamming a Raoul Moat version of Grand Theft Auto! You would think I’d denied the Holocaust!!! Think I’ll challenge them to a virtual reality duel….stab….I win!!!”

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