Square-Enix sets impossible standards for potential Final Fantasy VII remake

22 Feb

Yoshinori Kitase, producer for Square-Enix, said the company would remake Final Fantasy VII if the project could be completed within a year, but he estimates it would take over a decade. That’s because he assumes a potential FFVII remake would incorporate the same level of graphical detail as Final Fantasy XIII, which took three and a half years to develop.

When viewed alongside the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII and  Square-Enix’s recent justification for removing traditional towns from FFXIII, that they’re too difficult to render in graphics worthy of high definition, it becomes clear the company is holding FFVII up to impossible standards, preventing it from receiving the modest remake it deserves.

Majority of people clamoring for an HD remake of FFVII for Playstation 3, featuring Advent Children visuals, probably haven’t played the original game in a long time, say three and a half years. If they had, they’d recall the awkward Wall Market scenario, the potential Gold Saucer date with Barret, chatting with Hojo and his arm candy in Costa del Sol, and other bizarre situations 1Up’s Jeremy Parish mentions in his assertion that FFVII is “a damn weird game.”

In an episode of the Retronauts podcast, Parish and his panel discuss remaking FFVII in a similar style to the DS remake of Final Fantasy IV, which incorporates a somewhat super-deformed style in its gameplay while using an impressive realistic style during cinemas. FFIV‘s new styles are very similar to those used in FFVII, but the former’s will stand the test of time while FFVII‘s visuals have long been considered ugly and blocky.

Rather than try to recapture what made it successful in the first place, it’s impressive scope and visuals for the time, FFVII should embrace the ugly, weird game it has become by not taking itself as seriously as its bloated Compilation. Announcing such a game would elicit an even larger tidal wave of hate than The Windwaker‘s announcement, but FFVII fans would should be more thankful in the end. At least that way, they’ll actually get a remake sometime this decade, and Square-Enix will not have gone bankrupt in the process.


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