[Review] Modern Warfare 2 (multiplayer)

7 Dec

Call of Duty 4 is the mom who tells her kids they can run around outside for only ten more minutes, while Modern Warfare 2 is the dad who tells his kids they can run around outside for as long as they want.

You thought you had the coolest mom ever when she was in charge, especially after that time you spent with your weird uncle World at War, but now that it’s dad’s turn, playtime has never been better.

Modern Warfare 2 spoils Call of Duty 4 veterans by allowing them to have their cake and eat it too. Players can now wield an assault rifle and a shotgun or equip C4 and a rocket launcher in the same class without the use of extra perks, fire extra powerful bullets extra fast, and yes, run outside for as long as they want.

Treyarch’s idea of expanding upon the first Modern Warfare was to add a couple of new (useless) perks and tanks to World at War (which would have been better off as glorified DLC), and it sought balance by reducing access to extra grenades. Infinity Ward freed up loads of potential for customization in Modern Warfare 2 by moving around and consolidating existing perks, while incorporating new ones that find actual use.

Common online complaints against “martyrdom pussies” and “juggernaut bitches” have been taken to heart and find both abilities relegated to “death streaks,” bonuses activated only by dying repeatedly without earning a kill. Secondary weapons now include automatic pistols, rocket launchers, and shotguns but don’t require the use of a wasted perk to wield. Guns are easier to use thanks to reduced recoil, improved iron-sights, and a bevy of attachments, some of which take the place of former perks like Double Tap and Deep Impact.

Call of Duty 4 punished players for using grenade launchers by removing access to their blue perk, home to explosives like the rocket launcher and C4. Modern Warfare 2 lets the player attach a grenade launcher and wield another launcher and C4 or a claymore, which are no longer perks but equipment, all at the same time.

Challenges, random tasks worth thousands of points, unlock titles and emblems upon completion. These are used to customize your name so players can instantly know what kind of asshole killed them by reading phrases like “Boom! Headshot” or “My Lil’ Pwny.” Titles and emblems remain after wiping your slate clean to show off with prestige, allowing you to constantly expand your collection with more and more humiliating messages.

Awarding killing sprees with air strikes and gunships added an interesting dynamic to Call of Duty‘s traditional multiplayer, but Modern Warfare 2 adds numerous new kill streak rewards and allows you to choose which you enter the battlefield with. Most are variations on the same theme (kill, kill, kill!), but a few have unique properties that change the way people play the game.

The only flaw in Modern Warfare 2‘s multiplayer worth discussing is the inability to customize kill streaks per class, forcing players to stick to the same arsenal despite their changing kits. It’s a matter of not squeezing every last drop of potential out of the Call of Duty 4 sponge, but it’s not a fatal flaw.

Modern Warfare 2 does most everything it can to give you more and more, abandoning old restrictions to let its children play. It goes so far as to exponentially increase the number of points earned per kill for the sole purpose of assuring you that playtime is longer and better than before. It also has nukes in case you weren’t convinced.


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