Suda51, No More Heroes 2 & E3

20 May

Suda51, creator of No More Heroes, says the game’s sequel is at the end of development and hopes it can be shown at E3.

bold no more heroes 2

In an interview with 1UP, Goichi Suda talked about several of his current projects including Flower, Sun & Rain, his collaboration with Shinji Mikami of Resident Evil fame, and No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.

1UP: You’re working on No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle for release early next year. Can you give us an update on the game and the development process?

Suda: It’s the very end. If I had to say one word, I’d say it’s at the very end of production.

1UP: When will we see more of the game? Will it be playable at E3?

Suda: No, not playable.

1UP: Will it be shown off at E3? Will there be a presentation?

Suda: I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully.

If Nintendo learned anything from their lackluster showing at E3 last year, it should be that it doesn’t matter who their intended audience is; serious video game fans will be scouring every major gaming blog there is for E3 news and the blogs will be happy to oblige.

Delivering the first actual footage of the sequel to No More Heroes, one of the most well-respected core titles the Wii has to offer, at E3 would score Nintendo some serious points with their core audience. Hopefully, Nintendo delivers details on Desperate Struggle and Pikmin 3, as well as other games that longtime gamers want to see.


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