Layton in Limbo

16 Mar


Professor Layton and the Demon God’s Flute. the fourth game in the series, is coming out in Japan this fall. Japan has already rounded the bases and is going for their second homer, but America is still stuck on first having only received The Curious Village over a year ago.

Professor Layton is in limbo.

[Update: At GDC, Level-5 head of publishing, Akihiro Hino, announced that the Layton sequels will all be heading to America, with the second game expected to arrive around September of this year! (src)]

There has been no official word on whether or not Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box, the sequel to Curious Village, will be translated for an American release. According to VGChartz, 410,000 copies of Curious Village have been sold in America. Nintendo of America seems intent on increasing that number by advertising the game towards a more casual audience.

It’s a pretty good commercial (much better than the appraoch they took with City Folk), and with the numbers Curious Village has sold, I can’t see why America won’t eventually receive more Layton games.

I’m a bit worried, however, since Nintendo and Level 5’s unwillingness to make an official announcement, either for or against an American release, reminds me of the years of silence MOTHER fans have had to endure in waiting for MOTHER 3.

Professor Layton and the Curious Village was my favorite game of 2008. Great puzzles with subtle, yet effective touch controls combined with an appealing visual presentation and charming story to make an incredibly refreshing video game experience that I was able to share with my friends and family.

With Demon God’s Flute, Japan is entering its second Layton trilogy. Aside from the games, Japan also has a live action film (“Professor Layton and the Eternal Songstress”) on the way alongside an animated film (“Professor Layton: The First Movie”) and a series of manga for children. It’s a bit depressing, really, that Japan is getting the series in excess while we’re starving for one more taste. Again, the situation reminds me of the MOTHER series’ track record in the States, but I don’t want to blow this out of proportion (just anxious I guess).

To anyone who hasn’t played Professor Layton and the Curious Village yet, I strongly suggest you pick up the game right away. I think the following video does and excellent job illustrating why:

And if you’ve already fallen in love with Layton, I’m sure this video will fill you with the same anticipation that inspired this post:


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