Red, White & Black

11 Mar


Mad World looks good. Not “good…for a Wii game,” but good.

Sure, it may be hiding from the Wii’s glaring graphical inefficiencies in a Sin City/Kill Bill-esque visual quirk, but it’s a clever quirk that I’m sure will allow players to focus more upon the gameplay everyone claims is so much more important.

I’ll be spending my morning with Jack tomorrow, guiding his bloodthirsty chainsaw through pounds and pounds of flesh, producing gallons and gallons of blood, on the Wii no less.

I love when games like this hit a Nintendo system because they command our attention without asking for it. Maybe it’s all just shock value, but in the case of games like Resident Evil 4, Killer7, and No More Heroes, I’ve never been left wanting. According to IGN, however, some people are disappointed with Nintendo’s “sudden” decision to endorse such a violent game.

I always enjoy Nintendo’s attitude regarding these “shockingly” violent games getting released on their consoles. For as much as I hate on Nintendo for the plethora of bad decisions they’ve made this generation, their decision to act nonchalant while being interviewed about games like Mad World and Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars is one decision I can stand behind.

[Quick side note: I’m pretty sure the guy at GameStop called me “ma’am” on the phone when I called about Mad World earlier today. Tomorrow, I’ll be seeing red…]


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