On Onslaught

26 Feb

A friend stopped by yesterday while I was playing Wii Ware’s latest offering, Onslaught. For a moment, he thought I was playing The Conduit, and that got me thinking.

bold-onslaught-11I’ve made known my thoughts on The Conduit facing an impossible challenge, but Onslaught has impressed me. That’s saying a lot considering the game is a Japanese first-person shooter on Wii Ware. So, now I’m reconsidering my stance:

If Onslaught is any indication, The Conduit could be a legitimate critical success beyond being “good…for a Wii game.”

I think it happened when an oversized, bionic caterpillar leaped into the air, razor-sharp teeth ready to bite my face off. Quickly, I stepped back, raised my assault rifle/Wiimote and blasted the thing to hell with pinpoint accuracy.

There was something about being able to instintively raise the Wiimote and pull the trigger that filled with the unique sensation that I never get in other FPSs. That’s not saying I haven’t managed to pull off some impressive shots in other shooters, but they never made me feel the way I did in that moment playing Onslaught.

I suppose I underestimated the potential precision of the Wii’s motion controls in a first-person shooter. There’s still the occasional hassle of being forced to slowly lean to one side to turn around, but Onslaught feels a lot more maneuverable than what I remember Red Steel being. Maybe it’s Onslaught‘s relatively wide-open surroundings that makes getting around more tolerable.

The idea occured to me that a possible solution to this would be to make thebold-onslaught-2 motion controls require a button press, but I’m not sure how well it would work out. The basic FPS controls would have to be implemented as a default to make it work, but like I mentioned in my previous post, the controllers would have to be switched around to make a standard FPS work on the Wii.

Onslaught does offer some online multiplayer but no death match, so I’m still not sure how these controls will work when I’m trying to gun down a real player who’s trying to do the same to me. I get the feeling holding the Wiimote up for extended multiplayer sessions, combined with Nintendo’s spotty online record will make for a pretty frustrating experience.

I’m planning on reviewing Onslaught for GamePositive+ once I’m done with LIT, but if you want a quick recommendation, I’d say you should go ahead and download Onslaught if you’re at all interested in first-person shooters on the Wii. The game has a couple hours worth of a campaign and a decent, and unique, multiplayer mode…when it works. :/


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