Proving the Old Axiom

23 Feb

Aside from the copy of Super Mario World that came with the Super Nintendo, Street Fighter IIis the first game that I can remember receiving (though my possession of it was shared with my brother, along with the SNES.)

I was never very good at the game. My brother would play Ryu and launch fireballs left and right. My cousin and I, too young (or stupid) to realize how to properly block, resorted to jumping over as many fireballs as we could.

Dhalsim was my favorite because he was skinny like me. His Stretch Armstrong attacks suited my limited abilities well.


I played Super Street Fighter II, one of the Alphas, and the Marvel VS Capcom games, but never really developed any skill in them, instead just picking characters I thought were cool and spamming all the moves I could figure out.

Street Fighter IV didn’t really have me all that excited prior to its release, but I’ve managed to log in a few hours on both the PS3 and 360 over the last week.

I was maining Dan, one of my favorites from Marvel VS Capcom 2, but I fell in love with Guile’s fighting style today.


My left thumb is killing me from charging up Flash Kicks and Sonic Booms, but I want to play some more. I’m tempted to buy the game for my roommate’s 360 to get my fix. I doubt I’d ever be as good as most of the people online, though I did manage to win a couple rounds earlier today when I settled on Guile.

Aside from the addicting gameplay, I find the graphics to be absolutely incredible.

I love that the gameplay is basically the same; the game is still in two dimensions, but it looks so amazing. The art style is detailed and fantastic. It’s balanced between stylistic realism and cartoony humor. Just look at Blanka’s face as he retreats or Dan’s opponent’s jaws during one of his super combos.


The single player mode can be brutal, requiring novices to resort to cheap tactics, but cutscenes look great. The anime sequences feature a somewhat rough art style, but they add to the backstories nicely.

Street Fighter IV has been swimming through my head for the last few days. My sore thumb still wants more.


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