Phantasy with a “Ph”

11 Feb

A new semester and a new job have me slacking off from my blogging and reviewing duties. To break the streak of procrastination, I present to you my review of Phantasy Star IV, over at GamePositive+.


For eight bucks, you can enjoy a laid-back, yet solid RPG experience on your Wii. Not bad.

Also running eight dollars on the Wii is LIT, a new WiiWare puzzler with some nice motion controls and some clever level-design. It can get a bit frustrating here and there, but the game is definitely worth the investment. I’ll try to get out a review sometime soon, but not until I’m done with a game I’ve been eagerly awaiting: Retro Game Challenge.

RGC comes to my GameStop tomorrow, and I’m actually ahead of schedule with school and work for once so look forward to my next review of this new old game.


One Response to “Phantasy with a “Ph””

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