Together, Wii are breeze…

27 Dec

I’m not dead, but my laptop is. I’ll have access to my dad’s desktop soon enough, but for the last week or so, I’ve been navigating and attempting to wield the internet through my Wii. See? It’s useful from time to time…

I’ve actually been playing quite a few games since the semester ended. I’ve completed MOTHER 3 in English for the first time, and on my TV no less.

I’ve also finished Chrono Trigger for the first time ever thanks to my roommate’s copy of the new DS port. I’ve already submitted my review of the game to GamePositive.

I even managed to complete the original Legend of Zelda on the Virtual Console. I made my own map and everything and really enjoyed myself. I’ve already downloaded Link’s Adventure, but it’s taken a side seat to the Christmas holidays and Sin & Punishment, which I downloaded last night and just completed a few minutes ago.

I’ll try to find the time, and energy (it takes a good bit of patience to edit text on the Wii), to post about all of these games, but if I don’t soon, I’m sure I’ll get around to each of them in one way or another in the coming months.


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