At least the miniature furniture economy is still booming…

12 Nov

The Animal Crossing series’ claim to fame is its 24-hour, 365-days a year gameplay. I’ve played both the GameCube original (as far as everyone outside of Japan is concerned) and Wild World on the DS no longer than, what I would assume is, three months all together.


The first time around, I paid off my house, traded with a few people through the unique coding system, and explored a friend’s town in the rather lacking “multiplayer” mode. Within a month, I was bored and quit soon after. Not even the game’s awesome NES games could keep me going.

With Wild World, my roommate and I were entrapaneurs, acquiring the game’s most valuable items early on the cheap and selling them to others for exorbitant prices. It was fun being among the most successful business men and women in the Wild World, but my lust for bells left me with a luxurious mansion filled with my expensive mess. I didn’t spend much longer than a month with the game depsite my vast fortune as I completed the game’s only concrete goal (pay off your debt) very early on.

Now, with City Folk coming next week, I’m planning ways to make the experience last.

I’ll probably start off the same way, making as many bells as I can, as fast as I can. Along the way, I’ll be a bit more conservative, donating rare fish and insects to the museum along with fossils instead of selling them for quick bells. I also plan on keeping my house and town nice and neat while still displaying my valuable finds.

We’ll see how long the game lasts me. I doubt I’ll ever be like some of these people I see on AC forums, getting excited about knowing their computer-controlled, animal neighbors and running hotels. I guess I just don’t see that part of the game’s appeal, instead focusing on the business aspect. There’s something about being on top of a miniature furniture economy. I guess Nintendo isn’t trying to appeal to players like me:

“Play this boring game!” 😛


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