Wii Musuck? Wii Musick!

25 Oct

I have no money or patience, but I do have a bunch of Wii games I don’t play. Well, I did. Yesterday, I traded in Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Mario Strikers Charged, and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance at GameStop. Yes, what kind of blaspehmous Wii-owner am I trading in three of the system’s most popular titles? My answer? One that got over eighty bucks for five games he’s either already beaten or can’t bring himself to beat.

With that money, I caved and bought Wii Music rather than renting like I planned. So far, that was a good decision. Wii Music is good! *Gasp!*

Before getting my hands on the game, and still about fifteen minutes into the game, I thought Wii Music was rather lame. You wield the wiimote in four ways to manipulate sixty midi-blasting instruments to fifty  arrangements of the most ridiculously eclectic tracklist since Donkey Konga. To an extent, my assumptions about the music and controls were right.

Wii Music has solidified my belief that Nintendo lied to us when they unveiled the system at E3 ’06.

I can’t think of a Wii game that uses motion controls like we were promised. Even if we don’t need to replicate the instruments as closely as Miyamoto would like, Wii Music still suffers from the same lack of precision that many other Wii games do.

Guitar strumming is a bit unnatural. You can’t strum on the upstroke unless you hold down on the d-pad, but those notes come out so fast that you’ll find it hard to hit the rhythm you had in mind. The violin controls are only used on a few instruments and is a bit confusing to anyone who hasn’t played a bow instrument before. The percussion controls can be done on one hand unless you’re going for a quicker beat, but when you want to do more complicated stuff, you have to change your buttons, not the position of your controllers. Maybe it was just me, but I was under the impression that which drums you hit were determined by where you strike in the air. That was probably asking too much without the Wii Motion Plus that we should have had two years ago.

Enough of the bad stuff (I can include all of that in full in my review.) Wii Music is actually fun despite some control issues. Reviewers haven’t done the game’s core content justice.

Yes, there are some cheesy songs, but Wii Music isn’t nearly as restricted to those basic song structures as we were led to believe. The main idea behind the game is to record videos with up to six parts (melody, harmony, chord, bass, percussion, and secondary percussion). You can do this alone, one part at a time, or with up to three of your friends. Some of these parts are restricted to certain instruments, but they each still have loads of instruments to choose from.

Aside from instrumentation, you still have to play the same song right? Wrong. I have videos of “Ode to Joy”, “Woman”, and “Every Breath You Take” that sound nothing like the originals. That doesn’t mean they sound bad, though. The improvisations we’ve heard on videos were awful little runs thrown in during rests. If you play a part like you want, not following the structure (which you can always look at if you like) and just playing what sounds good to you is fun and often works. The melody is the most flexible part, allowing you to change the entire sound of the song.

Don’t judge Wii Music on what reviewers are saying. They’re wrong. If you have a taste for music; if you find your self humming or whistling remixes of songs you hear or just original ditties you come up with, you’ll probably enjoy Wii Music. Yeah, it can use some more depth and the controls can be lacking at times, but the game is fun and time consuming (in a good way). Give it a try.


2 Responses to “Wii Musuck? Wii Musick!”

  1. Mobius October 31, 2008 at 12:45 AM #

    Finally a positive review on Wii Music

  2. chasmang October 31, 2008 at 1:01 AM #

    It’s not game of the year or anything as it still has some significant flaws, but I think it’s ridiculous how incompetent professional reviewers are when it comes to this game.

    I hope my full review can really clear this up.

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