16 Jul

Well, I’m not a PS3 fan, and this press conference pretty much showed me why. Let me start off with what was the only highlight in my opinion:

I’m willing to bet Nintendo regrets not coming up with Little Big Planet and not having a strong enough online service to support its full potential. The game looks great, and the way they used it to present some of Sony’s numbers and upcoming developments was really creative. It got a nice reaction from the crowd, and made the first half of the Sony show the best overall presentation of the three. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like my brother’s cup of tea and he’s the only one with a PS3 that I have something resembling access too on the other side of town.

The rest of the show helped me put into words what it is that turns me off about the PS3. Aside from Resistance 2, everything just comes off as generic and soulless. Games like Ratchet and Klank might be fun, but they’ll never be a reason to own a system. I’m not even sure why Sony saw fit to spend so much time of Gran Turismo TV. It’s so specific, that it really didn’t have a place in a presentation like this.

I’m including Final Fantasy XIII in that overall generic feel, but more on that later. I’ve been doing a little research on the reaction to the announcement of FFXIII on the 360 and hope to have a post on it sometime this week.

Finally, I’m still not impressed with Home. What’s the point? To me, it looks like a superfluous interface to what should be a sleek, easy to navigate community service, not some place for my avatar to dance with people I’ll never meet in real life.

Now that the big presentations are over, I’m hoping to find out some specifics on some of the revealed games: Mostly Animal Crossing: City Folk. I was really excited about Mega Man 9 but I just read through Jeremy Parish’s interview with one of the games’ creators and learned some pretty upsetting news. Expect that and lots more Mega Man in posts to come.

Update: Whoops, left my notes in when I first posted. Also, apparently the archived video I watched cut off early, because I just read about the tentatively-titled MAG: Massive Action Game, an FPS that can support 256 players. I’ll have to see more, but that sounds insane in a very good way. 😀


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