15 Jul

Peoples’ first impressions of Nintendo’s E3 presentation? Disappointment. I have to admit, I was very excited in the opening minutes, so much so that I was a bit afraid of my inner-fanboy coming out. To say I wasn’t disappointed would be misleading, but I understand why the show was so lackluster.

I think we’re at this point in the Wii’s life where it’s too old to retain its original excitement and too young to offer that second wave of excitement rivaling its initial reveal. That means, no Zelda and, of course, no Mario.

The highlights were Animal Crossing: City Folk and Wii Music with Wii Sports Resort and the Wii MotionPlus not far behind. Sad thing is, we knew about Animal Crossing and Wii Music for a while now. Nothing major was revealed about AC. There’s a city, but it appears to be replacing the weekly routine of some of the merchants. It does offer an auction house, which should be neat. The biggest reveal was Wii Speak, a voice chat peripheral that I’m sure will be used for more than AC. It’s a bit strange, though, since it’s meant for everyone in the room, not just the person holding the controller. While voice chat is a big step for Nintendo approaching the online experience of Sony and Microsoft, I can’t help seeing my friends abuse this to make fun of me and my e-friends. 😛

Wii Music was finally explained, and it’s actually a breath of fresh air compared to the other music games we’ve seen since Guitar Hero hit the scene. There are no notes scrolling across the screen. Instead, you produce sound through button presses depending on the instrument and style you’ve chosen. The drum set looks to be pretty deep, and being able to join large bands and record your music is pretty nice, but the whole things seems pretty shallow overall. It’s kind of like someone owning a keyboard but never learning how to read and play music. Except with Wii Music, there isn’t even the potential to learn. I’ll save my judgment for the actual release.

Wii Sports Resort showed off the MotionPlus device which offers nearly exact precision in your motions. The sword fighting game looked quite impressive, though a bit frantic. I think if two people who really know the ins and outs of the game had demonstrated it, we would see a pretty accurate depiction of a sword fight. It’ll come packaged with a MotionPlus, so as long as it comes with a lot more content than the original Wii Sports, it’ll be a must buy for me.

Everything else was rather lackluster. Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades wasn’t all that special of an announcement considering the first wasn’t all that impressive. With Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars coming to the DS, its good to see strong 3rd party support, but I’m really not all that interested in the game.

There was a bit of talk about using the DS as a general, PDA-type device, but aside from the Japanese Cooking Navi coming to the States, nothing specific was mentioned.

Hopefully, we’ll see a strong showing on the floor. Lots of people are interested in Chrono Trigger DS and hopefully, we’ll hear some good first impressions of Wii Music and maybe some new features of AC: City Folk.

I didn’t get a chance to see all of Sony’s show yet, but I’ll watch the archived video later tonight and give my impressions.


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