Rock-Paper-Scissor: Score!

9 Jul

My guess...

Half right 😉

Not far off!

All right

As you can see, I wasn’t too far off. Flameman beats Blizzardman. I guessed the other way around based off the original Mega Man where Iceman beat Fireman. That would mean Windman beats Plantman who beats Tomahawk Man. I had the three warrior bots as well as the knight slaying the beast right. Centaurman beats Flameman somehow…

All in all, I really enjoyed Mega Man 6. I’ll go into details later, but as far as the masters go, I really enjoyed how they fit in with the story and how they reminded me of another Capcom series: Street Fighter. You see, Mega Man 6 begins with Mr. X (Dr. Wily disguising himself as good as Super Man does) holds a tournament for the world’s best robots to fool Mega Man…somehow.

It’s not stated anywhere, but their appearance and the theme of several stages give off some pretty big clues as to where each master comes from:

  • Flameman = Middle East
  • Blizzardman = Canada?
  • Windman = Netherlands
  • Plantman = South America
  • Tomahawkman = North America
  • Yamatoman = Japan
  • Knightman = England
  • Centaurman = Greece (or is it Rome?)

I’ve played through each of the classic NES Mega Man games in the less than a week, and I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading as well. I’m going through the series again, this time taking notes. I plan on typing up some reviews and definitely some Mega Man 9 speculation.

Sneak peek: Mega Man 2 is most definitely NOT the best Mega Man game. Suck on that, you old, sadistic farts. 😛


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