EBFGP’08 GPs 12-19: All Caught Up

9 Jul

Phew! Guess I got a little carried away with my Mega Man madness this week as I’ve had the apartment to myself the last few days (look forward to a load of posts on that later this week.) I got way behind in the EBFGP, but after getting incredibly furtstrated with the end bosses of Mega Man 2, I gave up on the Anniversary Collection a got back to bounding the Earth.

When Reggi left my party, things got a little difficult (she was my main attacker.) I made sure to load up on explosives to take out the Dept. Store Spook and Clumsy Robot. Iwata is shaping up nicely now that he has a Hungry HP-Sucker, Neutralizer, and is now five IQ points away from having the Holy Grail of No Bash/Shoot/Auto-Fight items: le Heavy Bazooka!

I think taking and posting pics was making me slack off so don’t expect much in the visuals department anymore though I will have a few more crazy pics (I even have one ready, but don’t expect that one until we leave Magicant…)

Hopefully, the new Starmen.net forums get put up soon. I feel lost without that place sometimes. 😛


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