Rock-Paper-Scissor: Dead!

7 Jul

I failed in my predictions…miserably!

Not a single guess as to which robot master beat which in Mega Man 5 was correct. Here are my predictions followed by the proper order:





I think my first mistake was assuming Napalm was the standard fire-based master and that Wave Man would take him out. From the true cycle, it’s obvious that Napalm Man is actually the explosive-based master which makes sense with his advantage over Stone Man. I also screwed up by thinking that Gyro Man beat Gravity man because he could defy gravity thanks to his helicopter blades, but instead, it’s the other way around. Gravity Man can control gravity, making it hard on Gyro Man to fly.

Most of the other relationships don’t really make much sense. Star Man could be considered fire-based in his weakness to Wave Man (stars are big balls of fire) but his attack doesn’t really indicate so. Stars wield large amounts of gravity so I guess it does make a bit of sense that Star Man beats Gravity Man. The rest, I don’t see how anyone could have figured out before hand. Why does Gyro beat Crystal or Charge beat Wave?

I’m moving on to Mega Man 6 later tonight so here are my predictions:

Better luck this time?

My logic:

  • Blizzard douses Flame (ala Ice beating Fire in MM1)
  • Flame burns Plant
  • Plant jams Wind (ala Wood beating Air in MM2)
  • Wind ???s Tomahawk (not really sure, maybe something about a wind spirit?)
  • Tomahawk defies Yamato (natives against the empire)
  • Yamato outreaches Knight
  • Knight slays Centaur
  • Centaur prevents Blizzard (looks like Centaur is time-based)

I’m confident I have at least a few of these right this time.


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