Eat Me

29 Jun

[NOTE: My opinion of this game has changed.]

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater isn’t a very good game.

Yes, I’m shifting gears from MGS4 to MGS3 since my brother won’t part with his PS3 anytime soon. Instead, I borrowed my old PS2 and his copy of MGS3: Subsistence. First impressions? The game’s controls are horrible.

I played through the first two games a while back and enjoyed them both, so I’m not quite sure why my experience with the third title has me so surprised. I’m also surprised by the overwhelming amount of positive reviews MGS3 has received. Both fan and professional reviews rave about this game. Some do make mention of the awful controls, but never really address it in their score.

You can’t shoot an enemy in MGS3 with anything resembling accuracy. With a gun equipped, you can tap square to fire straight ahead, ie miss your target completely. Typically though, you’ll like to at least aim in the right direction so you’ll hold L1 to go into a first person view. In this view, you’d expect to control Snake like you do in an FPS, but you’d be wrong. Instead, you have to hold sqaure to aim your weapon and then release the button to fire.

This is fucking retarded.

The close-quarters-combat is useless. You can sneak all you want, but when it comes time to take the kill, the game stumbles and you get caught. Snake maneuvers like he has all the time in the world, even in a gunfight. Combine that with the awful gun controls and you’ll spend most of your time getting riddled with bullets. That brings me to another point: For a game that strives so hard to immerse you in realism, it’s incredibly inconsistent.

MGS3 has you camoflauging yourself to avoid detection, hunting wild animals to appease your hunger, and dressing your wounds to maintain your health. It can be fun at first to maximize your camoflauge, but doing so quickly becomes cumbersome. Dressing your wounds is quite elaborate. When you receive damage, you may also sustain injuries. The game doesn’t actually tell you though, you have to go into the menu and check each time. When you are injured, you have to use various items to soothe burns, stop bleeding, prevent infection, and secure the wound.

You can do both actions at any time, even in the middle of a fight so it’s quite strange that you can freeze time to heal bullet wounds that you seem so incredibly resistant to, yet you have to take every real-life precaution when it comes to healing those wounds.

It’s just ridiculous and leaves me with this clashing feeling. The story doesn’t help much either.

Why can’t people just kill each other? You don’t have to talk so much. You don’t have to discuss philosophy and ethics in the middle of mission. I hate to keep on mentioning this, but the prequel problem of Crisis Core presents itself here in MGS3. There are moments where Snake should have killed someone but didn’t; people who go onto to cause entire conflicts in later games. People like to relate the series’ cinemas to movies, but if that were the case, MGS3 would be one of those horrible Michael Bay movies that tries to get by on its presentation alone. The cinemas are so dragged out and full of useless musings that I really don’t see where the comparison begins other than their great visuals.

Switching gears, the game’s outdoor setting doesn’t change the game as radically as some seem to believe. Each area typically functions like an area in the complexes of the past games. I love the alligators (I forget their actual name) and bush and swamp areas, but the measures the game takes to guide you along restrict you to being surrounded by four-foot high ledges that Snake is incapable of climbing.

I want to like the latter MGS games, I really do, but what the hell? What does everyone else see that I don’t?


One Response to “Eat Me”

  1. Martin Dingus July 15, 2008 at 7:40 AM #

    Wow! Finally someone who agrees with me – This game was way overhyped and overrated!
    Controls suck and story is as lame as MGS2.

    Plus . . . I think Ocelot takes it in the ass. Gayest character yet! Can’t see how he turned into the previous, older incarnations.


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