EBFGP’08 GP#7: Comfortably Numb

24 Jun

Today’s GP was pretty fun. It started off with a battle (Mondo Mole) and ended with a show (Runaway 5.) As I anticipated yesterday, I needed assistance from both my Bomb and PSI Caramel to make it through the battle with Mondo.

Nom nom nom

Of course, I started off with PSI Paralysis. That didn’t guarantee an easy victory, though.

I have become...

Since I couldn’t Bash Mondo, I had to hope my PP wouldn’t run out. To make matters worse, Mondo can use LifeUp, and he did just that several times. I managed to take him just as Itoi and Reggi were running on empty.

After that, I made my way back to Twoson, but made sure to kill of Itoi ahead of time so I could snap a pic on this lesser-known glitch.

Speak to me!

Pretty neat. I found out about it from an old article written by Mars.

Looks like we’ll be in Winters soon. That’s my favorite part of the entire game, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to get any use out of the T-Rex’s Bat, one of my favorite challenges. 😦 Oh, well. Once Jeff/Iwata joins my party, I’ll have the most interesting member of the team (as far as this challenge goes) for the rest of the game.


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