EBFGP’08 GP#6: Greased Lightning

23 Jun

Lately, I always make a point to get the Great Charm before I fight Carpainter. It wasn’t until one of my low-level runs that I even thought about grabbing the Charm. It doesn’t really have any noticeable effect, but it satisfies the completionist in me.

They\'re grrreat!

Carpainter was no no trouble (he never really is.) After the fight, I leveled up and received a nice PP boost.

Level up!

I went on to free Paula and equip her (no weapon, of course.) I was thinking about skipping Mondo Mole, since I may run out of steam (aka PP) against him, but I think I can make it if I level Paula a bit, use my Bomb, and be sure to eat the PSI Caramel in the cave. Should be a fun one.


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