EBFGP’08 #3: Drop a Bomb on Me (please?)

21 Jun

So, today our goal was to take out Titanic Ant, the first sanctuary boss. He’s probably the toughest boss in the game considering how early in the adventure I am. Combine that with my No Bash/Shoot/Auto-Fight challenge and you have one tough boss.

I knew I’d need at least four blasts of PSI Money! to take Tant out, but I was hoping I could score a Bomb while leveling against Attack Slugs (they drop them as one of the infamous 1/128 items.) I had no luck in that area so I decided to face the boss at level twelve, with exactly 40 PP. Luckily, Tant didn’t bother using his PSI Magnet so I was able to finish him off with my fourth and final Money! blast.

Aaand I'm spent!

Tomorrow’s GP will be tough. I’ll have to take out the Onett police force with nothing but Money! (and a Bomb if I’m lucky enough to come across one while leveling.) Maybe the PP I’ll gain while leveling up in between fights will be enough to take out the rest and Strong. We’ll see.


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