EBFGP’08 GP#2: Shark Bait

18 Jun

Today’s GP took us through the battle with Frank and his robot Frankystein Mark II. At level 8, these boss fights are usually a joke, but with only two blasts of PSI Money! at my disposal (thanks to my no Bash/Shoot/Auto-Fight Challenge), I figured I would have to beat Frank, then let Frankystein beat me so I could return to take him out with full PP.

I lucked out, however, and managed to dish out 92 damage to Frankystein (that’s one point more than it can handle) with one Money! blast.

Anticipating a rather short and easy GP (and not wanting to level up too much trying to get the 1/128 Pizza from a Skate Punk), I decided to try out a neat little challenge I was reminded of before hand.

Here, Sharky sharky sharky!

This feat was made possible thanks to the Onett bakery and their delicious Skip Sandwiches. I’ll be attempting a few more challenges like this throughout this year’s EBFGP so stay tuned. If anyone can think of any interesting instances like this one, let me know.


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