EBFGP’08 GP#1: Dog Days

18 Jun

So, the first GP is from the beginning to the sunrise in Onett. To prepare Ness for my No Bash/Shoot/Auto-Fight Challenge, I played on and off throughout the day, defending while King finished off enemies for me. It took a good while. 😦

Come on home.

At level 8, Itoi learned PSI Money! which will be his primary attack for majority of the adventure. From that point on, I tried avoiding battles because I don’t want to be over-leveled. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much of a challenge. It was fun being able to finish Starman Jr. off with my own attacks. 🙂

Stand back, Buzz Buzz.

Reaching level 8 against Spiteful Crows filled my inventory with Cookies, letting me avoid getting the Sound Stone (and also revealing the answer to today’s trivia question which I thought up :P).

Wait, what happened? I missed it.

Tomorrow shouldn’t be too hard. I don’t think I’ll even have to level.


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