EBFGP’08 GP#0: A Meeting of the Minds

17 Jun

After an unfortunate series of events causing last year’s EBFGP to never occur, the event is back and I’m ready for it!

Long story short for anyone who isn’t a frequenter of Starmen.net: EarthBound Funktastic Gameplay (EBFGP) is a summer event where the community plays assigned portions of EarthBound together, typically with wacky names for the party and insane challenges to accomplish.

This year, I’ll be tackling the No-Bash/Shoot/Auto-Fight Challenge!!!, which will test my attention span and my in-game wallet. Basically, I can’t use the basic attack option available in most every RPG. Instead, I’ll have to rely upon PSI and items (things should get fun once Jeff joins.)

It’s interesting to note that for this challenge to be possible, Ness needs to reach level 8, so he can learn his PSI attack, before fighting Frank and his Sharks since it’ll be Ness’ only attack for quite some time. To do this, I’ll have King defeat enemies for me.

I’m on the rom this year (shh!) because I’m leaving for a four day trip to Florida Thursday and wanted to keep up with everyone. I could have played on my copy of MOTHER 1+2 but I’ll need to know exactly what is in my Goods and where for this run, so Japanese is a no go.

I’ll get started on the first GP a little later (gotta’ go work on my Wii Fitness 😉 ) but here’s my party in all their glory:

The Dream Team!


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