17 Jun

Hold it, s'ils vous plait!

Something got Chrono Trigger tunes going in my head over the weekend, so when I got back to the apartment today, I asked to borrow my roommate’s copy of CT. I recall having this idea a month or two ago, but having just played through the beginning of the the game, I’ve been working out the details in my head.

Someone needs to make a Chrono Trigger spin-off with some Phoenix Wright flair that focuses on the trial aspect from the beginning of the game.

If you recall, Chrono Trigger begins with our hero, Crono, escorting the mysterious Marle around the Millennial Fair. There are a few different scenarios thrust upon, as well as a few optional ones, that will come into play a little later on when Crono is tried for abducting Marle, who happens to be the princess in disguise. If you act honorably and politely, you’ll be seen in a positive light. If you act selfishly and impatiently, you’ll be seen in a negative light.

The end result is the same (though if you’re found innocent, you’ll receive a care package from sympathizers) but I think it would make a neat fan game if someone expanded that aspect of the gameplay. Here’s how it would work.

The game would separated into chapters, each with their own unique protagonist. There’s some story and character development here and there, but mostly, you’re given some sort of a goal and you have to see it through, thinking about how your actions will portray yourself in court, just like Crono at the fair.

Eventually, you’ll end up in court where Pierre (known as Pierre Juste in my head :P) will defend you. Your success will depend heavily upon your character and how you portrayed yourself through your actions.

The writing and scenarios would make or break the game, but I think it’s be a really fun fan project. Too bad I suck at hacking and anything related.

Someone please make this game. 🙂


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