Dust in the Wind

27 May

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was aware that Lost Winds was short. I didn’t realize, however, it was only three hours long.

The game ended with the classic “To be continued…“, and interviews with the game’s creators indicate that they’re interested in a sequel. I’m not sure if they have episodic gaming in mind, but I’m doubting it. If they did, I would think each installment would take too long to create, defeating the purpose of episodic gaming to begin with. So, I’m holding out for just one full blown sequel that’ll extrapolate upon mechanics of the first game and finish up the story.

I guess the Virtual Console spoiled me with Paper Mario. I paid 1000 points ($10) on that N64 classic and spent a little less than a month wondering why I never beat that game. It was so much fun, and it only cost me ten bucks.

So, when I spent the same amount of cash to buy Lost Winds last night, I guess I was expected a similar experience. I understand that it took much more effort to put Lost Winds on WiiWare (since it’s a brand-new game developed specifically for the service) than it did to just put up a seven year-old N64 game. I don’t think anyone can be blamed for wanting more, though, especially after the game has such a phenomenal start what with the excellent controls and style.

Guess I’ll have my review up sometime later this week. You can decide then if Lost Winds is worth your Alexander Hamilton.


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